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A very confusing term for some, and even more difficult choice for others. We should start with the definitions first. The majority of all functional windows have 2 sections. Traditionally (in the US), a top and bottom glass unit. A single hung is reference to the single sliding part of the window,...

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1.Labor Warranty Cliche? Maybe. But if the window warranty is lifetime, why isn’t the labor? So hypothetically, if a piece of window breaks or fails, it should be covered? But, how much will it cost to have that completed? Manufacturers don’t generally get involved in that, unless they have an insta...

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We get asked all the time, “Is there an easy way to weed out the cheaper windows?” I get it, they all look similar. And, if not educated, it is easy to mistake quality for flashy sales gimmicks. There is one question (that anyone can ask), that can separate the cheap stuff from the good stuff. “What...

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